♥My TOU♥

Unfortunately :o( I've been forced to have a TOU on my animations.

Like everyone else in the PSP world, I too, deserve credit for my ideas, creations and shares.
Regardless if you color and/or cull my animations
they are still to be credited to me.
Without MY finished ani you would not have the animation you are coloring/culling for your tuts and or use.

Please respect my TOU as I do yours.

Lovey's TOU

Do not claim as your own.
Do not rip apart and claim as your own.
Do not copy.
For Tut writers:
You may use them in tutorials but please keep credit layer attached and give proper credit.
You may cull/color the animation,but please give proper credit and disclaimer that you have altered it.
You may share the animations in your supplies or give the link back,it's your choice.

Thank you!

I'd love to see what you create using my animations.

Hugs Loveyxox


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