♥My Tutorial Tips♥

This is a list of things that have become sort of a habit for me when creating.
They are steps I do frequently.
I will keep adding to this list when I think it might help you to follow my tuts and help explain the steps better to the new pspers.

I usually like to add my boarders/frames on my forum set as the step right after doing my background blends--prior to adding my tubes and embellishments.
This helps me to see where I can fit in my tubes/accents/embellishments.
You decided what works for you.They can be added at anytime.

I usually add 3 layers for my forum tag frame because I like to add action effects on at least 2 of those frames.
I love working with glitter (noise and constellation) but there are tons of plugins that give action ( animation ) simply by changing the random seed on each frame.

I usually duplicate my background tubes and main tubes 2 x's to give me a total of 3 tube layers to play with adding plugins, or blending modes.
Once I have the effects on the tubes, I merge those layers into 1 background tube layer, or top tube layer.

I work with PSP 9 and Animation shop, both at the same time.
Copying merged into AS from PSP is easier for me, than saving and opening in AS to finish.

When I say X out or Un X layers, this means I am putting the lil red X on my layer palette to close that layer or I'm taking off the red X on a layer to open it.

The most frustrating to me is when I'm near finished a project and bang, one of my programs shuts down...... so save your projects while working on them.
Have a folder where you can save unfinished projects so your work won't be lost half way, in the event either AS or PSP happens to shut down on you.

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