Monday, February 02, 2009

Constellation Fun


Xenoflex constellation can be a lot of fun and applied to many things.
Here's just a fun tut to get your imagination flying.
I've used the constellation on shapes and paintbrushes.
First the shapes:

Pick your preshape tool and find a shape you like.
I picked a heart.
With these settings.
Get the shape how you like, then on your layer palette
convert it to a raster.

Duplicate that layer 2x's.
Rename c1-c2-c3.
C1 Layer highlighted.
Plugins,xeno, constellation.
Try these settings:
Remember, playing with the settings gives you different effects, so have some fun and find ones you like.
C2 highlighted, apply the constellation again, but change the random seed.
and repeat for C3.
Xout C2 and C3 layers.
Edit, copied merged. Over to Ashop and paste as a new layer.
Back to PSP, UnX C2 layer, X out C1 layer. Edit, copied merged.
Paste into ashop after current frame.
Repeat for C3 layer, and copy that into ashop after current frame.
Now you have 3 frames in ashop.
Click to view,and see the bling.

Here's one I did with a paintbrush instead of a shape.
And here's another shape.

These are great little add ons for tags, as accents,or backgrounds.
Have fun playing with the settings and constellation on shapes,brushes, and almost anything.
Hope you liked this lil tut.
Happy PSPing.


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