Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Few Animations

I'm still cleaning out folders :o)
Trying to make room for new projects.
Here's a few more animations I made.

There's more in the folder than in previews.



Like everyone else in the PSP world, I too, deserve credit for my ideas, creations and shares.
Please respect my TOU as I do yours.

♥Lovey's TOU♥
Do not claim as your own.
Do not rip apart and claim as your own.
Do not copy.
You may use them in tutorials but please keep credit layer attached and give proper credit.
Thank you!
Happy PSPing!



KyLie said...

Oh wow.... absolutely awesome!!! I tried working on it using the Particle Illusion but there were too many frames and I just sort of gave up. So fascinating to see your animations. It gets better and better everytime!!! Sendin' some hugs your way!!!

sherrill max said...

I can't say how happy I was to stumple into your site..I LOVE IT AND APPRECIATE all your hard work in just posting these beauties would take me years. Anyway I love all your work...I can't use them right now but i saved them to my computer with all your stuff and I WILL LEARN TO USE AND I WILL BE BACK AND SHOW YOU MY WORK...MIGHT TAKE AWHILE...thanks again and God Bless and a Blessed and Safe Easter. sherrill in oklahoma

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