Saturday, October 18, 2008


When I first started using tubes in PSP I noticed they came in different formats. Some had a sheet with a bunch of tubes all on different layers and some were on one layer.
It took me awhile to find the proper tool and steps to use to get one tube off the sheet.
So I thought maybe there were others that were having the same problems and this tut is for them :o)

Here is a sheet of tubes that has been tubed all on different layers.
You'll notice on the layer palette they are all named.
On these sheets, it's easy to get just the one tube you want off, just hightlight that tube layer and copy it onto your project or as a new image.

But...... in some cases, the sheet of tubes is all on one layer.
Like the image below:
When you have a sheet like this, it's a bit more work to get that one tube off, but once you learn how, it's easy.

You'll need to know your tools. The tool used for this is called the "freehand or lasso".


Use that tool to outline the tube you want. Hold down your mouse and go around the tube connecting at your beginning point.
Ants will be marching around when you've completed the outline.

Now you want to keep your tube sheet original, so you want to copy that tube and paste it as a new image.

And now you have that one tube. You can save it as a psp image so you can use it later without having to redo the freehand again.


I've always thought of the freehand tool as a pair of scissors lol
Hope this tut helps you get those tubes off one layer tube sheets :o)


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