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Golden Goddess Forum Set

Golden Goddess Forum set


Art of the great "Keith Garvey" this tube is called Golden Goddess
You must purchase the tube if you're using licensed art.
You can buy this tube at PTE


My Supplies:
Water animation
14k Gold pattern

Download Here

This tut was written using PSP9 and Animation Shop.
I assume you have some experience with both these programs.

Open PSP and Animation shop.
Open a new white image 575 x 275
Make sure your resolution is set @ 72.000
Use the color picker, pick 2 colors from your tube.
I have used dk gold=#D39F37 and light yellow = #FEF@D0
I have included 2 swatches of these colors in my supplies.

Use one color for your foreground and one for your background.
Add a new raster layer. Click on the gradients, find foregroundbackground gradient made by using your 2 color choices.
Settings are: Angle 45 Repeats 5

Flood fill your new raster layer with gradient.
Adjust - Blur - Motion Blur - Angle = 90 - Strength = 100
Click ok.
Copy and paste your tube as a new layer.
Duplicate tube and move around - place a few where you want them.


When you have them placed, close off the background layer and the gradient layer.
Highlight those tube layers, and merge visible.
Duplicate that layer.
Adjust- Blur - Motion blur, same settings as above.
Duplicate that layer and mirror.
You now have 3 tube layers, gradient layer, background layer.
Highlight your 1st tube layer.

Apply Xero Radiance with these settings:


Change the blend mode on layer palette to luminance (L)
Close off bottom layers, ( gradient & background ) merge visible.
Rename this layer baktubes.

Now this is where I like to add my frame layers. It's easier for me to place things on the tag when the frames are showing my limits.
Add 3 new raster layers.
Rename these layers FR1- GoldFrame - Fr3
Highlight FR-1 floodfill with one of your colors from the tube.
Highlight GoldFrame - floodfill with the 14k Gold fill
Highlight FR-3 floodfill with the same color used on FR-1
This is what your layers should look like.

Highlight baktube layer.
Copy and paste your tube as a new layer.
Place it where you want then duplicate 2 x's. Total of 3 tube layers.
#3 tube layer, adjust, blur, gaus blur, Radius @ 5
#2 tube layer, apply Xero Radiance, same settings as above.
#1 tube layer,( top tube ) change blend mode to overlay.

Close off all other layers, except those 3 and merge visible.

Now begin adding your text, decorations, embellishments etc...
Watch your layers palette to see where in the tag you're adding them.
I added the text GODDESS, the small text golden goddess, and some buttons.
I played with the blend modes to get effects on my text.
Add CR info, and name.

Putting effects on the tag frame is optional, If you don't want to do them, just merge those 3 layers visible to give you one tagframe layer.

Adding some effects to the tag frames.
You have 3 layers that are tag frames.
We are going to put effects on FR-1 and GoldFrame.

Duplicate FR-1 and GoldFrame 4x's, giving you a total of 5 layers for each of those frames.


Highlight FR-3- Effects-plugin Alien Skin Xenofex 2- Constellation
With these settings:

Add constellation to each of the bottom FR layers changing the random seed each time.

Close off the layers as shown above.

Highlight Goldframe layer
Adjust - add noise - with these settings.

Apply noise to each of the gold frame layers.
You can change the number from 40 or just click the uniform button 2-3-4-5 times, depending on what layer you're adding the effect.


Close off all layers, EXCEPT, toptube, embellishments, text, baktubes, gradient layer, background.


Now we're ready to put it together in AS.
Edit - Copy Merged - Paste into AS as a new animation.

Open the animation in my supplies.
( I have included a psp and .mng file)
PSP file you can copy and paste, .MNG file you'll be dragging the ani onto your tag.
You decide what works for you.

Ok now we have to duplicate our tag to 20 frames.
Once you have a total of 20 frames on your tag, Click the first frame of the ani, edit, select all
Click the first frame on your tag, edit, select all, then with your cursor drag the ani onto the mouth of the jug.


If you prefer to c & p -
click first frame of the animation, edit - select all - edit -copy
click first frame of the tag, edit -select all - edit - paste into selected frame.
Ani will be on cursor, paste on your tag close to the mouth of the jug.

View the animation on your tag, if u like, move onto our next steps, if you don't like, Edit, undo, and redo till you're happy.

Put this tag aside for now, we'll come back to it after we put together the tag frames.
We're going to bring over our active tagframes from PSP and put them together AS.
Back to PSP. X out the open frames, and UN-X the closed frames.


Edit- copy merged, paste into AS as a NEW animation.
Back to PSP, xout and unx the next tagframe layers.
Edit- copy merged, paste into AS, after current frame.
Back to PSP , onto the next layers.
Edit - copy merged, paste into AS, after current frame.


Continue this copy and pasting till you have 5 tagframes in AS.


Click on the first frame -edit -select all - edit - copy
Click on the 5th frame - edit - paste after current frame.
Do this copy and paste till you have 20 frames, ( 3 x's )
Click 1st frame on your tagframes animation.
Edit - Select all - Edit - Copy

Bring your tag back onto your work screen,

Click first frame on your tag,
Edit - Select all - Edit - Paste into selected frame.
Let it move onto your tag, don't move your mouse, it should line up perfectly.
when it has moved, then click your mouse.


If you don't like where it's place, edit and undo. Repaste till you like it.
Change the frame properties to all @ 16
View your tag, if you like it, save as .gif

Now go back to PSP and make an avi to match!
Hope you have enjoyed this tut.
If you have any probs or questions, please don't hesitate to write me.

Tut written by Lovey'11 July 4th 2011
Any resemblance to any other tut is purely coincidence.
Happy PSPing!!



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