Monday, January 12, 2009

2 Tone Text with Sparkles


The font used is Chell Chrome Bold.
In the supplies I have included the font,diamond fill,2 gold patterns,white sparkle and flowers.

Supply Zip

Extract the supply zip. Open your font and your toolbar.
Put the patterns in your pattern folder.

Open psp, animation shop and the embellishments/tubes you'd like to use in this project.

Open a new white canvas 500 x 500.
In your color palette, click on the pattern tab, and locate your gold pattern.
I'm using a blue pattern.
Put your gold pattern in the foreground and background boxes.

Apply your text as a vector.
I used size 72, stroke 2
I set my kerning at -25.

When you have it placed, right click on layer palette and convert to a raster.
Rename that layer TEXT.
With your magic wand, click inside the text areas at the top.
Ants are marching.
Selections~modify~~ expand by 1
In the color palette boxes, click on the top box,(foreground) pattern tab and locate the diamond fill.

Fill the selections with diamond.
Keep the ants marching.
Layers, add new raster.
Fill the selects on that layer with the diamond fill.
Selections~select none.
Rename the new layer Dia 1
Duplicate that layer 2 x's.

Rename dia 1 ~~ dia 2 ~~, dia 3.
Highlight dia fill 1 layer. Adjust, add noise @ 65.
Adjust, sharpness,sharpen

Highlight dia 2 layer.Adjust, add noise @ 70.
Adjust, sharpness,sharpen.
Highlight dia 3 layer.Adjust, add noise @ 75
Adjust, sharpness, sharpen, and redo it, sharpness, sharpen more.
Selections.... select none.
X out dia 2 & dia 3 layers.
Highlight text layer.

I applied eyecandy3.
I used the settings below.
If you are using the gold fill, you'll want to play around with your settings to get the effect you want.

Apply a drop shadow to your text.

Now is the time to add your embellishments.
Copy and paste them onto your project.
You can do it on their own layers or....
after you have placed one on as a new layer, you can add the rest as a new selection.
That way,all your embellishments will be on one layer.
I have added a rose.
Rename that layer and apply a drop shadow.
The settings I used are V + H = -4 ~~ Opac @ 55, Blur @ 3.00 Color black.

I have signed mine Hugs, Lovey at this point. Put your tag mark and any CR info on your tag now.
If you want to add more effects to your embellishments,now is the time to do that.
I am going to add sparkles over in animation shop.

This is what the layers on my project look like before taking them over to animation shop.
We are going to put it together in animation shop then add sparkles.
Highlight your background layer.
Xout all diam layers.
Edit~~ edit, copy merged.
Animation Shop~~ edit, paste as a new animation.
PSP~~ UnX diam 1 layer-- edit, copy merged.
AS ~~ edit, paste after current frame.
PSP~~ X out diam 1~~ UnX diam 2 layer.
Edit, copy merged.
AS~~ edit, paste after current frame.
PSP~~ X out diam 2 layer,UnX diam 3 layer.
Edit, copy merged.
Animation shop, edit, paste after current frame.
We now have 4 frames in animation shop.
Back to PSP, open your lil white sparkle tube, edit copy and paste it over into animation shop as a new animation.

Activate the sparkle. Edit~~ copy.
Activate your project, frame 1.
Edit paste into selection, this will paste your sparkle into that frame.
It will be on the end of your cursor, so touch down on the spot you want the sparkle.
Click on frame 2, edit, paste into section..... place the sparkle where u want it. A different place than the first one.
Continue pasting the sparkle into frames, making sure it's in a different place each time.
You can also resize the sparkle to make it smaller for different sparkles.
Click to view animation. If you like it, save as a .gif.

Happy PSPing! :o)


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