Monday, January 26, 2009

Glittering a Glow


I'm using Rainbow Coffi roses in this project.
Open tubes in PSP.
Open a new canvas 500 x500.
Copy and paste tube onto canvas.
If you want a glow around the complete tube and text, then add your text now.
Convert text tube to raster. Merge visible the text and tube layer.
Rename the layer tube.
If you just want the glow around the tube, continue on to the steps below.

On your tube layer, go to selections,select all, float, defloat.
Ants are marching.
Layers, add a new raster layer.
Right click mouse on layer palette and arrange that layer down under the tube layer.
Ants are still marching and your on the new layer you just added.

Go to effects,plugins-- eyecandy 3--glow.
These are the settings I used, but play around till you get a glow surrounding you like.
You'll see the glow is outside the tube and there is no tube being glowed.
When you have the effect you want, click the check mark.
Selections, select none.
Add your text now if you didn't earlier.
Remember, adding it now, there will be no glow around the text only the tube.

Tag below I added glow to text and tube.
The tag at top of page,I added glow to tube only.

On your glow layer, duplicate that layer 2x's.
Gl 1--gl 2--gl 3.


Highlight gl 1 layer. Adjust, add noise @ 25
Highlight gl 2 layer. Adjust, add noise, click on the uniform dot twice.
Highlight gl 3 layer. Adjust, add noise, click on the uniform dot
X out gl 2 & gl 3 layers.
Highlight your background layer on your layer palette.
We're ready to put it together in Animation Shop.

Edit, copy merged.
Animation shop, edit paste as a new animation.
PSP, X out Gl 1 layer, UnX gl 2 layer.
Edit, copy merged.
AS, edit, paste after current frame.
PSP, X out Gl 2 layer, UnX gl 3 layer.
Edit copy merged.
AS, edit, paste after current frame.

You now have 3 frames in animation shop.
If you like it, save as a .gif
Happy PSPing :o)


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